May 6th, 2011 | Comments Off on Back in Black!

Restart bloging with one of my favourite songs!
“Back in black” promise kept!

What’s new?

Surely the first thing you’ll see is “some” old, old, old article but, hey… I hate to see empty webpages! :D I just found an old, old, old wordpress dump so… here it is!

Well, my hope is to keep two separated blog’s thread, English and (hear, hear) Italian.
This mainly because I know I have to improve my English skills and, second, because when I want to write down something I have to do it rapidly and Italian is the best way for me (at least at the moment) to not loose the “momentum”. I’m not an artist, I’m just lazy!

I will oblige myself to write in English as much as I can; I know this is the only way to keep things going better. Corrections are much appreciated!

Another thing: there are plenty of good tutorial written in English so I think that when I will write one, I will do it in Italian. Easier for me and better for Italian documentation panorama. :D

What’s next?, Android, Java, Ruby, Rails and much more! Oh, and yes, PHP is out of my life! …I confess: I feel much better now!

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March 15th, 2006 | 1 Comment »

Today we received the following mail:

We are sorry, but we have been unable to approve your application for the Sun Fire T2000 CoolThreads server in Sun’s Try and Buy program at this time. This is a result of your application not meeting one or more of the parameters for Sun Fire T2000 CoolThreads Try and Buy Program.

If you are still interested in the Sun Fire T2000 Try & Buy program, please follow up with us to get specific information about your application. Do not respond to this email.

For a contact list of numbers, please go to:

Make sure to reference your T&B WEB # listed above when you contact us.

Thank you for your interest in Sun’s Try & Buy Program.

This means we ends this project here.
Well… seams Sun cannot satisfy everyone :)

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March 9th, 2006 | 2 Comments »

Here starts our Sun Fire T2000 Server project. Today we filled in the form that allow you to recieve for 60 days free a T2000 for testing it. After filled out and sent the form we had a little problem with our graylisting system, solved in a few, and we received an e-mail that confirm our subscription. Fast, about one minute or less.


Our project is really simple, but surely we will test the most used and critical services and applications server.


We will of course workout some empiric but usual benchmark such as SWaP (Space, Watts and Performance), but we also going to develop our stress applications for:

  • CPU
  • High Performance Computing
  • Web Servers
  • Mail Servers
  • Network File System
  • Java Client/Server

We not exclude some well known benchmark too.

Tests & Monitoring

We will test if the T2K is still responsive enought even under high amount of tasks (stress), trying to run differents services on it, checking the efficency of the hardware and the cooling system in critical conditions (limited to our capability).
One of the benefits Sun declaims is the significant power and cooling saves, for this reason we will check the consumptions and the real benefits all along our tests.
After that, we will try some minor feature such as clustering and/or shared computing.

The Machine

The T2K we asked for has a Standard configuration, you can find more informations about it here.

Stay tuned

Even if we filled in the form is still not sure that we will receive the T2K, if not, this is the end.
If the server comes, we will inform you about every test going on our bench day by day.

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February 1st, 2006 | Comments Off on 0.8.2… first bugs

Well… not what I calll “a perfect plan”.
I released two days ago and right few hours after I released first bugs appears in the board… -.-”

Got to fix those things before coding something new.

Fortunately when those annoying bugs are fixed I can concentrate my effort to implement some new feature. The “only” problem is that when I fix a bug a new one rises up. Damned unstable functions and reffers.

Hope to solve soon…
…in the meanwhile, well… be patient :D

Bye bye!

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January 31st, 2006 | Comments Off on LG 0.8.2 Released

I released the new version of Lazyest Gallery today.
I’m almost sure that is more stable than the previeus versions…
…at least… I hope so :)

The think I love of this release is that it’s completely localizable! I’m proud about that :P

See Ya!

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